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eYc L055 - Liquid Level Transmitter – STC Viet Nam là đại lý chính hãng

Pressure range​:0 ... 0.1 ... 20 bar​
Output signal:DC 4 ... 20 mA(2-wire), RS-485(4-wire)​
Measuring medium:Various liquid compatibles with ceramic and fluororubber

Model : eYc L055

  • High purity ceramic(99.99% Al2O3) manufacturing, with strong corrosion resistance
  • Fluoro rubber ring waterproof seal
  • Corrosion resistant design of probe and wire
  • The measurement ranges from 0 ... 0.1 ... 20 bar
  • Contain high molecular sieve to prevent condensation
  • Multiple protection structure design, high protection ability

L055 Acid-alkali resistance liquid level transmitter is all sealed submerged structure and adopts ceramic capacitor pressure sensor. The probe threw in the measured medium adopts PVDF acid-alkali resistance materials.
The gas-guide cable adopts PTFE liquid level wire, which is mainly used for liquid level measurement of acid, base and other corrosive medium.
The shell, wire, and other connection parts are sealed completely, which ensures the long service life of transmitter.
The unique inner structure with anti-condensation function can be widely used in the occasions for process control in the fields of chemistry, environment protection, medicine industries, etc.


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